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Engage with content exploring the art, artists, and themes being featured at Lux! Explore our Artist-in-Residence (AiR) program, Regional Artists, and Lux like you have never been able to before. New episodes air every month! This entirely free set of programming will be streamed live through Zoom and archived on YouTube.

Upcoming Episodes of On AiR [Register via the Episode Link]: 

Episode XXXIV: In-Conversation with Guillermo Galindo, Omar Pimienta, and Oscar Romo
Thursday, July 15 at 2pm
Join us for a new episode of On AiR where Artist-in-Residence, Guillermo Galindo, and Regional Artist, Omar Pimienta, will be joined by local artist and researcher, Oscar Romo, in a conversation about how the United States/Mexico border impacts communities and the environment on both sides of the wall


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Episode I: Introduction
Thursday, April 2 at 2pm
We go live on Thursday! Tune in to our Introductory episode to learn more about the On AiR program and content you can expect over the coming weeks!

Episode II: Residency Launch
Friday, April 3 at 2pm
Get an inside peak of the exhibition from our newest Artists-in-Residence Kahn & Selesnick before their residency commences this Saturday! Learn more about the artists, their work, and their residency project with Lux.

Episode III: In Conversation with Executive Director Andrew Utt
Thursday, April 9 at 2pm
Join us as Lux's Executive Director, Andrew Utt, engages in a conversation about Lux and the greater art world amid the global COVID-19 crisis.

Episode IV: Horned Imperatrix & Daredevil Flappers
Friday, April 10 at 2pm
Delve into the art of tarot as special guest Laetitia Barbier discusses the practice and does a live reading from the tarot deck designed by resident artists Kahn & Selesnick.

Episode V: Studio Visit with Kahn & Selesnick
Saturday, April 11 at 2pm
Take a virtual tour of Nicholas Kahn's studio in New York state and receive an update from the him and Richard Selesnick on the status of their residency project followed by a Q&A with the artists!

Episode VI: Dance Macabre: An Art Historical In-Conversation
Thursday, April 16 at 2pm
An in-conversation with art historian Maura Coughliln and artists Kahn & Selesnick exploring the series of art historical references that have influenced their work.

Episode VII: A Reading by Kahn & Selesnick
Saturday, April 18 at 2pm
Join us as Kahn & Selesnick perform a reading from their book, 100 Views of a Drowning World, followed by a talk about how the story and images were developed. 

Episode VIII: Special Earth Day Episode
Wednesday, April 22 at 2pm
Special episode of On AiR in honor of Earth Day! Join Associate Curator Guusje Sanders, Artist-in-Residence Nicholas Kahn, and Regional Artist Michelle Montjoy in-conversation about how their art practice relates to issues of the environment and the power of art.

Episode IX: Previously In AiR with Judy Tuwaletstiwa
Thursday, April 23 at 2pm
On this recurring segment of On AiR we will be visiting our past Artists-in-Residence to discuss their current projects. For our first episode welcome back Judy Tuwaletstiwa.

Episode X: Curating at the End of the World
Friday, April 24 at 2pm
Join us as curators from across the United States come together to discuss the curation of Kahn & Selesnick's work and their relationship to contemporary issues.

Episode XI: Studio Visit with Kahn & Selesnick
Saturday, April 25 at 2pm
Receive an update from the Nihcolas Kahn and Richard Selesnick on the status of their residency project followed by a Q&A with the artists!

Episode XII: Regional Art Collection Tour with artist Michelle Montjoy
Thursday, April 30 at 2pm
Tour Lux's current Regional Artist, Michell Montjoy's, artist collection!

Episode XIII: A Reading with Kahn & Selesnick
Saturday, May 2 at 2pm
Join us as Kahn & Selesnick perform another reading from their book, 100 Views of a Drowning World, followed by a talk about how the story and images were developed. 

Episode XIV: Expeditions: Data and Myth, Measurement, and Poetry
Thursday, May 7 at 2pm
Curator and National Park Map Maker, Mark Adams, joins us to discuss the intersections of art and science through a scientific exploration of the worlds of Kahn & Selesnick.

Episode XV: "Madame Lulu's Book of Fate" at Robischon Gallery
Friday, May 8 at 2pm
Get an inside look at Kahn & Selesnick's current exhibition at Robischon Gallery in Denver, Colorado while learning more about the space and exhibition from the Robischon team.

Episode XVI: Previously in AiR with Chiachio & Giannone
Saturday, May 9 at 2pm
We journey to Argentina to visit with former Artist-in-Residence, Chiachio & Giannone, for a tour of their studio and most recent projects.

Episode XVII: Kahn & Selesnick Art Dive-In
Thursday, May 14 at 2pm
On this episode of On AiR we will dive into one of the works by Kahn & Selesnick to examine the different stories, references, and themes within the piece. 

Episode XVIII: Lux Team Check-In
Friday, May 15 at 2pm
Want to see some awesome familiar faces? Tune in to get an update from Claudia Cano, Education Director, and Victor Sanchez, Events & Visitor Experience Manager, about the exciting new projects and programs they have been working on at Lux. 

Episode XIX: The Bats behind Truppe Fledermaus with Winifred Frick, PhD.
Thursday, May 21 at 2pm
Celebrate the intersection of science and art as we welcome Winifred Frick, PhD., the chief scientist of Bat Conservation International, for an talk about the creatures that inspired Kahn & Selesnick’s Truppe Fledermaus

Episode XX: The Making of 100 Views of the Drowning World with Gordon Stettinius
Friday, May 22 at 2pm
Learn more about how Kahn & Selesnick’s book 100 Views of the Drowning World was created from founder and director of Candela Books, Gordon Stettinius, who collaborated and published the book. 

Episode XXI: Season 14 Artist Announcement!
Thursday, May 28 at 2pm
Learn more about the new Artists-in-Residence and Regional Artists coming to Lux this fall as part of our 14th season!

Episode XXII: Radical Inclusion with Andrea Moriarty
Thursday, June 4 at 2pm
Join us for a discussion with the organizer and author of Radical Inclusion Traveling Art Exhibition, Lux's current Regional Artist exhibition. 

Episode XXIII: Interview with Francisco Soto "Barbie Q" and Xaime Aceves-Equihua "Raquel Ita" from Drag Queen Storytime
Thursday, June 25 at 2pm
Join us to learn more about Drag Queen Storytime, the mission, inspiration, and the amazing people behind the program Francisco Soto “Barbie Q” and Xaime Aceves-Equihua “Raquel Ita”. 

Episode XXIV: Art & Technology with Brett Stalbaum
Thursday, July 2 at 2pm
Currently we are all experiencing art through this digital medium, but how has art evolved since the development of the internet and through the innovation of technology? Today on On AiR we are joined by UCSD Professor, Research Theorist, and artist Brett Stalbaum who will give us a brief history of Art and Technology. 

Episode XXV: Special Performance from Drag Queen Storytime
Thursday, July 9 at 2pm
On today’s episode of On AiR we are joined by Barbie Q and Raquel Ita for a Drag Queen Storytime performance. 


Episode XXVI: Get to Know Cammie Staros
Thursday, July 16 at 2pm
Meet our new Artist-in-Residence Cammie Staros. Learn more about Cammie through some quick-fire questions and hear what she will be doing during her residency with Lux. Join us with your questions live through Zoom!

Episode XXVII: Tour of "The Body, the Object, the Other" at Contemporary Craft
Thursday, July 23 at 2pm
In today’s episode we travel to Los Angeles to visit Craft Contemporary curators Holly Jerger and Andres Payan Estrada as they take us on a tour of their clay biennial, this year titled The Body, The Object, The Other, featuring the work of Lux’s Artist-in-Residence Cammie Staros. 

Episode XXVIII: Exploring Cammie Staros' Virtual Exhibition at Lux
Thursday, July 30 at 2pm
Let’s take a closer look at Cammie Staros’s virtual exhibition at Lux, "How neat the fold of time, How easily the crease forgotten". Hear more about some of the pieces in the exhibition and the concept of the show as we take a virtual walkthrough of the gallery with our Artist-in-Residence Cammie Staros. 

Episode XIX: The Anthropomorphized Vessel Panel Discussion
Thursday, August 13 at 2pm
Join us today for a panel discussion about the anthropomorphized vessel in art with artists Jenny Hata Blumenfield, Fabiola Jean-Louis, Anders Herwald Ruhwald, and Artist-in-Residence Cammie Staros.




Episode XXX: A Woman's Diaspora & Liminal Spaces Panel Discussion
Thursday, October 22 at 2pm
Join us for a panel discussion about diasporic experiences from women’s perspectives. Listen as curator and editor of Liminal Spaces: Migration and Women of the Guyanese Diaspora Grace Aneiza Ali is joined by artists Suchitra Mattai and Claudia Cano in a conversation about the liminal spaces created when you have to leave people and cultures behind.

Read "Liminal Spaces: Migration and Women of the Guyanese Diaspora" for Free Here!

Episode XXXI: Glyph Cerro with Professor Ulises Valiente
Thursday, February 11 at 2pm
On today’s episode, we will learn more about the glyph that inspired the title of our current residency exhibition from archeologist, Professor Ulises Valiente Arguelles, who will be discussing the history and meaning of the glyph and how it has been used in stone carvings and codices across Mesoamerica.

Please note this talk is in Spanish with English translation. 

Episode XXXII: Sound as Spatial Narrative
Thursday, March 18 at 2pm
 Artist-in-Residence Pavithra Prasad will be discussing the nature of her sound installations and how text, sound, and voice are combined to create sonic portals that consider how identity is shaped by immigrant movement.

Episode XXXIII: Roundtable with [Glyph] Artists-in-Residence
Thursday, March 25 at 2pm
Join us for a roundtable discussion featuring all six of our [Glyph] resident artists; Christian Tedeschi, Beatriz Cortez, rafa esparza, Kang Seung Lee, Pavithra Prasad, and Candice Lin. During the discussion, the artists will reflect on the theme of the residency and the work they have completed while in residence with us.

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